Monday, April 6, 2009

Going Green

I had the time to check out the "Going Green Eco Expo" Saturday. It was a pretty good mix of big and small green ideas.

Personally, I would have been better off as a house-owner since a number of the booths related to home heating, decoration and renovation.

But it's a trade show so you can always put your name in for draws. I certainly did as I like free stuff.

My Flickr account has a photo rundown on what I saw.

While I was there the crowd seemed eager to see what was available for their homes and their lives. And the Segway guys seemed to always have someone in need of a test ride.

The sunny Saturday weather may have kept some people away from the climate-controlled Butterdome, and there was a rally or two planned, but this is the kind of event that is a success if even a few people find some new ideas to try.

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