Saturday, March 7, 2009


Really, a stapler scared you? I hope never to be in that kind of situation myself but I think with everything that's coming out of the inquiry it's clear that things are at a laughable stage when staplers are seen to be frightening weapons to people who may very well be shot or stabbed any day they go to work.

Could we have avoided this embarrassment with an apology and admission of error at an earlier stage, possibly even before the damning video became public? Perhaps.

Does the video of the death and the constant contradiction of statements from the RCMP officers Tasering Robert Dziekanski affect police officers right across the country? Likely.

Their evidence in court will, or should, not hold the weight it may have before. Ignoring the allegations of coverup right now this inquiy proves officers are as fallible as all witnesses and their testimony cannot be given precedence at a trial. Maybe one of the tough parts about the inquiry is the fact we have to accept police may put their lives on the line for us but they are also just as human and error-prone as you and me.

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