Sunday, March 29, 2009

Zoom Zoom

I don't know whether to file this under "reminder" or "critique" but it's been bugging me.

Back around March 19 those behind the 2009 Rexall Edmonton Indy called a news conference to talk about this year's race. It got coverage in the Edmonton Sun, iNews880 and the sports sections of the Sun and Edmonton Journal.

I appreciate the news stories mention the fact last year's race lost $5.3-million dollars and that tab falls to Edmonton taxpayers. What I'm not keen on in is the fact none of those stories mention the race is projected to run a deficit again this year (more than $1-million) which will again be picked up Edmonton taxpayers. I believe a column from Graham Hicks on the same publication day as the Sun news story was the lone source to mention it.

It seems to me that talk about the brighter financial future of the race requires a reminder to Edmonton taxpayers that they could still be on the hook, for at least two more years. It strikes me as a needed fact to balance the rosy comments from the president of Northlands.

The stories also take on a "spin" feel when I'm reading about how things are going to be better this year but I know there's a deficit predicted and it's not a hidden fact.

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