Thursday, June 4, 2009

No Stairs For You

It might only be news to me but I noticed this morning the long (and steep) stairway from Ezio Farone Park down to River Valley Road is gone.

You can see a notice posted on this Sidewalk Closed sign. It says the stair construction will run until mid-July. (Oddly, this City website says it will only take one month, not six weeks.)

So until then, the trick is to stop at the bottom of the hill.

Or there's the trail just to the right (west) of the "stairs."

If you're looking for more park and trail closures in the City of Edmonton head to this website.


Kory Mathewson said...

great coverage and photos, thanks for the information.

Jeff said...

These stairs keep coming up in conversation too.
Clearly they are more integral than I had thought.

Mark said... a resident of the area love the stairs and park.

although i'm finding the 'no stairs for you' rather fitting now because anytime after work i try use the park or stairs i'm overwhelmed by aggressive athletes. i'm an avid runner and love seeing fitness everywhere. but it seems it's time for a share the stair movement...