Tuesday, June 9, 2009

"...TV the way it's meant to be."

Thanks to my Facebook contacts including a bunch of people from southwestern Ontario I happened upon a new venture in Windsor.

Today's Windsor is an online television show.

A quick Google shows the hosts, Houida Kassem and Bevin Palmateer, both worked for CTV at the London "A." That station was gutted by the broadcaster earlier this year.

The show appears to be much like you'd expect a morning show to be; local, colourful, community-based and funny in a kind of cheesy way. The great thing is the website is full of local ads and sponsors and just plain Windsor, Windsor, Windsor.

It seems like some people might have a better idea of how to "save local TV."

I hope they can find ways to expand into news and information coverage too.

The homepage of Today's Windsor can be found here, they're on Twitter, and a Facebook group is here.

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