Friday, June 19, 2009

Say Hello to the edmontonian

Good news everyone!

Edmonton news, events, communities, neighbourhoods, food, music, arts, opinion and citizen information is all going to be in one place; the edmontonian.

It's an Edmonton-focused website, started by my wife and I.

Take a look around, tell us what you think, send us your events, stories, photos and ideas and let's have a conversation about Edmonton. Period.


Fakirs Canada said...

for starters: it's "started by my wife and me." Seriously. The way you tell is to leave the other person(s) out of the sentence. Would you say "started by I?" No, you would not. You're welcome.

About your paper. I clicked on the link you gave "tell us what your think." All I see is a rather nice logo, some names and a bunch of links. So, sensibly enough I think, I don't have much of an opinion, but I do have some advice - don't copy the Edmontonians' online format - it's horribly difficult to read. Don't use too much flash. It's hard to load and it's annoying.

Jeff said...


Thanks for checking out the website. Criticism is as welcome as comments, as the goal is always about improving. The main goal, however, is to engage people in Edmonton about Edmonton.

How did you find out about the website, was it through this blog?

As for grammar on this blog, I'm a former radio guy and writing "for the ear" all those years has sapped me of grammar powers.

ryan_gretny said...

Jeff: cool site.
Fakirs: maybe take the grammar policing down a notch. You're missing the point, and coming off (probably unintentionally) as really rude.